Can Li-Meng batteries be charged?

Basic knowledge of Li-Meng battery, can Li-Meng battery be charged? In recent years, the development of electronic products has been extremely rapid. The diversification of their products and the wider application fields. Lithium-manganese batteries have high energy density requirements, and can be reliable, safe and work normally under a wide range of conditions for a long period of time. Small power supplies, Li-ion batteries have the above-mentioned excellent characteristics among many battery varieties, and are fully capable of meeting the needs of small and high-energy diverse words. Today, I would like to talk to you about whether Li-ion batteries can be recharged?

There are two types of lithium-manganese batteries: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The rechargeable lithium-manganese battery is also called lithium manganese oxide battery. The output voltage is nominally 3.7V. It has a short service life and is not easy to store. Rechargeable lithium-manganese batteries and nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary Battery.

Can Li-Meng batteries be charged?

Reasons why Li-Meng battery can’t be charged

1. Charging characteristics of lithium manganese batteries: If an external charger is used to charge a disposable lithium battery, the reverse reaction of the discharge reaction will occur inside the battery, which will decompose the sound B compound MnOOLi to regenerate Li and Mn02, and the battery voltage will also increase. .

2. The danger of Li-Meng battery charging: The appearance of commercially available Li-Meng batteries is marked with the words “No Recharge”, emphasizing that such batteries are not rechargeable.

(1) Lithium-manganese batteries use low-boiling organic solvents during production. Among them, the organic solvent of ethylene glycol dimethyl ether has a lower lightning point temperature. If the lithium-manganese battery expands due to heat or is not properly sealed during charging, it is easy to cause Ethylene glycol dimethyl ether volatilizes from the battery. If it encounters electric sparks or smoking sparks, it may cause a burning hazard.

(2) During the charging process of the lithium manganese battery, the internal reaction of the battery will generate Li, which is an irregular crystal, which looks a bit like a tree branch and is called a dendrite. If the dendrite pierces the diaphragm during the growth process , Resulting in a short circuit inside the battery, burning, explosion and other accidents may occur.

The above is the basic knowledge of lithium-manganese batteries and whether lithium-manganese batteries can be recharged. Lithium-manganese batteries are widely used in the civilian market with excellent performance and low prices, and are currently one of the most mature series of lithium batteries.

Post time: Oct-08-2021