Can lithium batteries explode?

Under what circumstances can a lithium battery explode?

When it is mentioned about the safety of lithium batteries, people will naturally associate it with an explosion. Whether it is a mobile phone lithium battery or the current popular mobile power, a variety of accidents caused by battery combustion explosion are very worrying. However, the truth of the lithium battery explosion is not known to many people, there are even a variety of rumors to deepen people’s misunderstanding of lithium batteries. How can lithium batteries explode?First, the structure of lithium batteries
The internal structure of lithium battery is very simple, like 3+2 biscuit, biscuit, is the diaphragm of the positive and negative electrode, sandwich, like a point solution. The center of the biscuit is constantly swimming, and at the same time release.
2. In a fully charged lithium-ion battery, electrons travel to the 3+2 sandwich next to the biscuit, sandwich and biscuit in the middle, separated by two biscuits, respectively, on behalf of the positive and negative electrodes. So how does a lithium-ion battery explode? Will it explode if you fall? No, the lithium soft-shell and aluminum lithium batteries are tough, so they are thrown down and not enough to cause an explosion.
Lithium batteries how will explode
What about stabbing it with a knife? Stabbing a lithium battery with a knife will cause the lithium battery to short-circuit and generate high temperature. However, if the lithium battery is fully charged, the combination of electrodes may cause a high temperature fire is very likely to occur.
2. What if there is a fire? Burning lithium batteries will cause the electrolyte inside the battery to evaporate and leak through the battery drain valve, producing a flame spray, which is also very dangerous, but will not lead to a direct explosion of the battery.
3. What about lithium batteries that are submerged in water? Submerged lithium batteries will short-circuit the outside of the battery, so that it does not explode in the best case scenario.
3.All of these attempts failed to make the lithium battery explode. Does the explosion really start from the inside?
Short circuit will lead to an explosion closed internal short circuit, so that the battery in a short period of time to generate high temperature so that the internal liquid and a small amount of steam to expand the new large amount of gas, in time to remove from the exhaust valve in a short period of time to form a high temperature, high pressure, resulting in an explosion.
2. Lithium-ion batteries produced in the small workshop in the black factory will be the probability of causing an explosion. The poor quality of the lithium-ion battery in the production process of the coating, the production of cleanliness and dryness in the winding process is not enough, allowing too much water and cartridges into the battery, causing an explosion.
3. The wrong electrolyte will also cause an explosion. Lithium batteries use unqualified electrolyte. It can decompose water under certain conditions, leading to an explosion.
4. Unqualified binder, will also lead to the explosion of lithium batteries. Unqualified binder produces powder, forming burrs, resulting in diaphragm puncture, internal short circuit, and eventually lead to the explosion of lithium batteries. Therefore, the selection of high-quality lithium batteries,
Choosing a reliable quality manufacturer is the most effective way to ensure no danger.
5. In the use of lithium-ion battery finished process, illegal use, and storage, may also lead to the risk of explosion of lithium-ion batteries on fire.
6. In a fully charged lithium-ion battery, the electron travels to the 3 + 2 sandwich next to the cookie, sandwich and cookie located in the middle, separated by two cookies, respectively, on behalf of the positive and negative electrodes. So how does the lithium-ion battery explode? drop
Will they explode if dropped? No, the soft case lithium batteries and lithium batteries are both tough, so dropping them is not enough to cause an explosion.


Post time: Jul-15-2020