How about charging the phone overnight?


How about charging the phone overnight


Just bought a new mobile phone, many people will habitually use up the phone ’s battery power until it shuts down automatically, and then recharges it fully, even after using it for three times. In fact, you don’t need to do this. The current mobile phone batteries are lithium batteries, which have been activated before leaving the factory. You don’t want to activate the battery by completely charging and discharging like the previous battery. Still used the previous method seems to be superfluous, not only can’t get any help, it can even damage the battery.


Other people, when using a mobile phone, usually use the power to the mobile phone to automatically warn that the battery is insufficient to charge. They feel that charging the mobile phone with sufficient power reduces the charge and discharge of the mobile phone battery. This reduces the life of the cell phone battery. In fact, the current mobile phones are all lithium batteries. What they pay attention to is “eat less and eat more”, which can better play the role of lithium batteries.


Others think that you should not call or play with your mobile phone while charging, for fear of explosion. It may be better to read the news than usual. In fact, the current mobile phone lithium batteries have a self-protection function. When the battery is short-circuited or over-discharged, it will automatically cut off the power, and basically no explosion accident will occur. When an explosion occurs, a mismatch or non-Original batteries, or accidents caused by the use of substandard batteries, are very low-probability events. As long as you operate normally, you do not need to worry about these explosions. Generally speaking, when the mobile phone is charging, if the fever is more severe, do not call or play games at this time, otherwise something unexpected happens, which is too sad. Others think that mobile phones cannot be charged all night, so sometimes they wake up at midnight to disconnect the power supply, for fear that charging too long may cause damage to the mobile phone battery. In fact, lithium batteries are not as fragile as everyone thinks. When the battery is full, it will automatically cut off the charging power to avoid overloading the battery, so you do n’t have to worry about damaging the mobile phone battery. Okay!


How to tell if your phone battery is bad


If you suspect your battery is bad, these clues will help you confirm it:


  • It loses charge faster than it used to. For example, if you used to be able to go all day on a single charge and now your phone is dead by 3 p.m., your battery is probably bad
  • It won’t charge all the way. If your battery won’t charge to 100% no matter how long you leave it on the charger, it’s probably bad
  • It immediately loses charge after charging. If your battery charges to 100%, but instantly drops to 80% after you take it off the charger, that’s a sign it’s going bad
  • It overheats, swells, leaks, has corrosion or water damage. These physical signs point to a bad battery


If your phone will still turn on, you can use your phone’s settings to check battery health:


  • On iPhones, browse to SETTINGS > BATTERY > BATTERY HEALTH. The maximum capacity of a healthy battery should be 80% or greater. If the battery is degraded, you’ll see a message to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider to replace your battery
  • On Android phones, you can browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT > BATTERY STATUS. This will tell you the rated capacity of your battery and its current capacity, but that’s not necessarily helpful. A better option is to install a third-party app like AccuBattery, which will give you a battery health rating


If you’re a tech guru, you can also test your battery with a multimeter. It won’t indicate battery health, but it will tell you if your battery is charged – useful information if your phone won’t turn on and you’re trying to diagnose the problem.




Post time: Mar-17-2020