What battery is the safest for air guns?

Lithium-ion batteries are very popular batteries for airsoft players, but if something goes wrong (flame pops up if short-circuited), it can be dangerous. However, this will only happen if you are not using a specially designed charger or are pierced.


Safety rules (things you should not do)

Don’t pick it up by the lead, but through its body-if you do this too many times, the wire may be pulled off, causing the solder joint to break.


Charging in a safe place-When charging the battery, the location needs to be fireproof. Using Lipo-safe bage is a good solution or use ammunition box (cheap and good way).


Do not charge the battery immediately after use-the battery is still hot, so let it cool down completely before charging the battery.


It is recommended to charge the battery at a temperature of 1C or lower.


Continue to observe while charging the battery-check to see if the battery becomes warm or starts to expand, if you see this, stop charging immediately.


If the battery shows signs of damage such as punctures, swelling, or any visible signs of damage, do not charge or use the battery.


Make sure to set the charger correctly according to the number of battery cells and battery type to avoid damage to the battery cells or overcharging.


Don’t leave the battery. Although the charger will stop it, it is a good idea to pay attention to the battery voltage regularly.


Do not charge or leave the battery in the sun or in a hot car.

What battery is the safest for air guns?

Post time: Dec-21-2021