What battery shape can you get?

If the AEG gun has only one space to accommodate a battery of a specific shape, the shape and size will have a big impact. A cheap solution is to stick it on the outside of the gun, but it is more likely to be damaged by rain or fall off.

Fortunately, air gun manufacturers have considered this and solved this problem by providing you with multiple options.

Brick-These batteries are shaped like a small flat rectangle and are usually used for compact guns.

Nunchuck-The battery is placed in 2 small tubes in the sliding stock. For example, Tenergy 8.4 air gun (1600mAh) battery is a good example.

Crane-Almost the same as the nunchaku battery pack, except that it connects two or three battery tubes.

Stick-The batteries are arranged in a row and look like a stick. This one has only one bathtub, not two pipes.

Big-This tube is not a tube, but two batteries lined up side by side.

Mini-This is a flat battery, smaller than the larger version.

PEQ-This type of battery is stored in battery packs and is used for air guns, but also for remote control cars, robots and airplanes.

What battery shape can you get?

Post time: Dec-23-2021