What is the production process of a lithium battery pack?

After years of development, the lithium battery industry has formed a complete industrial chain with a high degree of specialization. With the support of domestic policies and the introduction of the new national standard for electric vehicles, lithium batteries will be the first choice for electric travel tools in the future. Then, How to make high-quality lithium batteries for electric vehicles?

step 1: ingredients.

Stir automatically for 10 hours under high vacuum, so that the materials required by the lithium battery are evenly dispersed, and the consistency of the battery is improved.

And overall performance. Why are you doing this? Because ingredients are the core area of ​​lithium battery production, ingredients are not.

This directly affects the performance of lithium batteries.

step 2: coating.

The automatic feeding system, automatic knife adjustment system and online thickness measurement system are adopted to uniformly coat the positive and negative films.

Why are you doing this? Because the coating is the basis of lithium battery production, the coating determines the consistency of the battery.

What is the production process of a lithium battery pack?

Step 3: Scroll to align.

After the positive and negative plates are coated, the positive and negative materials are relatively loose, and a certain amount of pressure needs to be applied to the electrode plates.

Compact to a certain range.

Step 4: Splitting

According to the battery model, the positive and negative plates need to be cut to the required width. Such as 18650 lithium battery, wide pole piece. Within 56-58 mm.

Step 5: Film making and winding.

Use an automatic film forming machine to weld the positive and negative terminals to the positive and negative plates. While using an automatic winding machine, it will.

The negative electrode plate and the separator are wound together into a cylindrical shape.

Step 6: Roll bottom vacuum drying.

The iron core is rolled into a steel shell, the negative lug is automatically welded, and the groove is automatically rolled. In addition, baking under high vacuum and high temperature, drying a small amount of water, so that the performance of the lithium battery can be guaranteed.

Step 7: Chemical composition.

Lithium batteries need to be charged and discharged before shipment, and the batteries are in a dotted state before shipment.

Step 8: Assemble the lithium battery.

Fully automatic welding machine, welding several battery packs together with connectors, and then install the circuit board.

Aging test, inspection and shipment.

In short, the production process of high-quality lithium batteries for electric vehicles is very rigorous, because only in this way can the product be guaranteed.

quality. For users, they should be more cautious when choosing lithium batteries, and don’t be greedy for cheap, so as not to encounter inferior ones.

Post time: Sep-28-2021