Why are lithium batteries better than lead batteries?

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With the development of China's urbanization process, the electric bicycle industry has experienced rapid development for many years and has already ushered in the most stringent new national standard on April 15. When consumers buy electric bicycle products, the primary consideration is the cruising range. The new national standard will promote a new era of lithium battery electric bicycles.

So why can lithium batteries successfully replace lead-acid batteries?
Previously, the main battery used in electric vehicles was a lead-acid battery. The electric vehicle with lead-acid battery as the main power has great benefits in the process of use. It will greatly reduce the fuel and fuel motorcycles. Environmental pollution. However, there are some problems when using lead-acid batteries. The biggest problem is that discarded lead-acid rechargeable batteries are more serious for environmental pollution, and its pollution is not found by smell and vision.

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According to the survey, some data show that because the service life of lead-acid batteries is relatively short, usually about one year, it is easy to cause many discarded lead-acid batteries, and if these discarded lead-acid batteries are not properly handled, then Sulfuric acid and lead in scrapped lead-acid batteries are harmful to water sources and land. At the same time, after a certain period of mechanical wear and corrosion, the heavy metal lead and electrolyte sulfuric acid inside the lead-acid battery are leaked out, and after entering the soil and water source, entering the human food chain through various channels will also cause some organs in the human body. Causes chronic poisoning. The state has taken relevant regulations on the damage caused by lead-acid batteries, and some electric vehicle manufacturers have begun to look for new batteries - "lithium batteries".

This battery is now the main replacement for lead-acid batteries. The battery has a longer life, is lighter, more powerful, and less polluting the environment, making it the premier replacement today. To this end, many electric vehicle companies have developed a new type of electric vehicle based on the needs of consumers. The "lithium battery electric vehicle" has also been favored by many consumers.
Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries give people the most intuitive feeling of smaller size and lighter weight. In general, the capacity of a lithium battery of the same volume is 2 to 3 times that of a lead-acid battery; in addition, the life of a lithium battery is as long as 5 years, while that of a lead-acid battery is only 2 to 3 years. Lithium batteries are more cost effective than lead acid batteries.
More fashionable and more decent electric car products are born on the basis of lithium batteries, and lithium electric vehicles are more designed. At the same time, most battery intelligent management systems (BMS) are also based on lithium batteries, which adds a safety guarantee to the use of vehicles.

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Summary: The lithium battery market will usher in a wave of explosive growth. For dealers and friends, choosing a potential lithium-ion enterprise is an efficient way to make a fortune.

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